Where there is the light, there is the shadow and none of these conditions is permanent. Each one encounters the possibility to be transformed to the other.  Yin Yang symbol pictures this by bringing a spot of light in the dark side and vice versa.

Yin is the dark side; the cold, accepting, open, passive, less mobile part (bones, connective tissue, joints). It’s the less visible, feminine, the one that embraces, feeds, encloses. The meditation, the acceptance of being near the ground.
Yang is closer to the sky; illuminate, warm, energetic, elastic, masculine, mobile (muscles – tendons). The one that penetrates, analyzes, dominates, craves for change.

The essential of Yin practice is to use the structure and poses in order to learn to be present in our lives, to accept with tranquility the reality as it is and not as we want it to be. Yin Yoga affects the connective tissue and the joints through a noble pull which we practice for a while; it affects the respective energy flow channels, the meridians, and it is a type of self-cure and preventive acupuncture.
Connective tissue includes our emotional print, thus any change in it implies a deep treatment in the physical, emotional body and the soul.

As we grow up, our joints tend to lose their elasticity, they become harder and therefore the moving ability of the human body and the energy flow is significantly reduced. Circulation in the energy centers (meridians) is blocked, the organs’ and other systems’ health is disrupted, psychological disorders and imbalances are generated.

Main characteristic of Yin practice is that we stabilize ourselves in a comfortable pose where the natural impulse to action is stopped; we let our body speak and we follow it. We observe the pain and tension and we allow our breath and the gravity to guide us.
We give time, space and breath to mind motives and our emotional attachments to become visible.
They come through a poetic and at the same time meditating part which charms us by how deep can work with the human body. A meditation system that helps the trainee focus in the observation of the emotions, leads us to the purification of mind.

A mind clear from aversion and attachment, with the wisdom and tranquility of accepting the natural laws of change, is a bright mind.

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