When someone is in Warrior 2 position, what we see is that he has spread his legs and raised his arms… Easy, right?

Let us examine what we don’t see and why this posture is so exquisite and so liked by many

Let’s start our check from the floor up

The feet are not just touching the floor. They push it, so legs’ muscles are energized and strengthen all the way up the hips. This results in muscle definition, while at the same time, muscles tense up around the bones, increasing calcium. (asanas are perfect against osteoporosis!)

Check out the position of the pelvis: It is positioned at the same level with the thighs, hence stretching the hips and improving their flexibility (closely related to the legs’ good blood circulation), while at the same time, even the last thigh’s muscle fibers are energized and strengthened.

Torso’s position: Vertically to the ground surface! Even that small detail isn’t as easy as it sounds to achieve. At the first attempts for warrior B, the torso gets carried away by the movement and leans forward. It takes time to consciously realize our position in the space, control our impulse and sustain an upright position.

Also not visible: Torso is energized upwards. That means, we try to get taller towards the ceiling. This compels the dorsal to strengthen and in advance we gain a perfect upright posture, releasing the waistline.

The hands: Either way, arms’ position parallel to the floor ground, strengthens the shoulders. Furthermore, a correct warrior position strengthens all of the arms’ muscles by energizing them all. In advance, keeping hands in this position for one or two minutes, we’ll notice that they get numb. When we bring them down again, blood is rushing back, cleansing them up, improving our blood vessels’ flexibility, and overall condition.

Neck: Even for this simple head’s turn, coordination between neck’s muscles is necessary. On the side where our gaze is, muscles are tightening, while on the opposite side they loosen up and stretch. This way they strengthen. Most of you, understand the importance of the neck’s good physical condition. It is the part of the body, from where the nerves pass from the head to the rest of the body.

It is hard to believe how modern lifestyle affected the condition of the cervical spine. False body posture, as well as a general bad mood and stress, brings the neck’s muscles to unnatural contractions, with the result that a large group of people is suffering from neck pain, unfortunately even from young ages.

So we see that Warrior B is “working” all of our body!
A beginner yoga student can hardly stay in this posture for 30 seconds. Practice makes one stronger and able to stay longer every time.

All of the above are referring only to what one doesn’t see regarding the muscles and body’s strengthening.

And yet there is more that we can’t see…

An experienced student, after bringing his body to the right position and tightens the right muscles, brings his attention to his breathing. Here is where the beauty begins!

Full and rhythmic breathing, force prana to flow, go through all the central chakras of the torso, and even through the small ones that are located in the arms and legs, since hips’ and shoulders’ opening, awaken channels of energy. Chakras are cleaned and energized with amazing results for our health (physical, emotional, mental).
Special breathing technics are also used, in which we are going to discuss in another article.


Every asana, as easy as it looks, needs proper warm up and preparation, to avoid injuries. We strongly recommend that you practice under the attendance and guidance of an experienced instructor.