Katerina Patmazoglou

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Address: Anemohadi 3
57018 Melissochori

Phone: +30 6931149026

Email: yamaslagada@gmail.com

Katerina has always been an artistic soul. She loves mathematics, music, painting, reading, dancing.. She worked for years as a graphic designer and later as a press editor.

She was an athlete, until an injury kept her from continuing her favorite activity. Yoga came to fulfill her urge to keep in a good physical condition. But it was meant to become the tool for soul searching. A new world opened up in front of her. Since then, she never stopped searching and studying, aiming to broaden her knowledge in health issues and energy techniques.

  • Graduated the year 2013 from Greek Yoga Teachers Academy LOTUS (3 years – 500 hours)
  • Pranayama seminar (ey zein 20hrs)
  • Advanced Pranic Healing (Institute for Inner Studies Inc.)
  • 2nd degree Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho System)
  • Thai massage (School of Chiang Mai 30 hrs)
  • Undergraduate of Thessaloniki Technical School, department of Physiotherapy

Nowadays, Katerina is working with herself daily and with love and joy shares her knowledge with her students.

Her moto is “Become the change you want to see around you! Start by opening your heart!”

My Articles

Bad body posture What problems does it cause?

Our body has a perfectly designed bone and muscle system. Their target is to protect our vitals and allow us to function on our daily routine. If we don’t respect the messages of discomfort that our body is sending, they will evolve to serious health problems that will take much more time and effort to fix!

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Definitions of Yoga

Sanskrit definition of yoga Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘connection’. In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ is used to signify any form of connection. Yoga is both a state of connection and a body of techniques that allow us to connect to anything. Conscious connection to something...

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Love affairs…

Until today, no one has ever managed to measure the power of Love. We all feel it nevertheless. There is a perfect example with gravity: Only by the year 1687 did Isaac Newton formulate the law of universal gravitation. Before that year did we fly? Of course not!...

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Blue Flags: Halkidiki ranks Greece’s #1

Greece Ranks 2nd in World for 2017 Blue Flag Beaches. Once again the Halkidiki peninsula was crowned the destination with most flags in Greece as 71 of its beaches were honored. With 486 winning beaches, Greece holds the 2 nd place worldwide among 47 countries. Greece...

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When someone is in Warrior 2 position, what we see is that he has spread his legs and raised his arms… Easy, right? Let us examine what we don’t see and why this posture is so exquisite and so liked by many Let’s start our check from the floor up The feet are not just...

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I am not flexible… Can I do yoga?

When my daughter was little and the time had come for her to go to school, she was panicked and did not want to.  “Why child, don’t you want to go to school? “  “How can I go??? I don’t even know how to read!!!” This is a true story… It seemed very funny to me and I...

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Color therapy in Greece!

Research has provided evidence that each color has its own unique vibration that affects not only our mental and psychological state but also our physical state! Color therapy has been utilized for the last few years to help people regain their energy loss due to...

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The 5 stages of an asana

INTRODUCTION Just like when we were young children, when we first started to walk, it was hard in the beginning. It took time and practice. We would fall and get up again, and fall again… When we learn something new, our nervous system forms new synapses in order to...

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How does yoga improve our health?

Yoga practice consists (at least) of 3 stages: physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and observation exercises (pratyahara). Physical exercises: Strength – flexibility = HEALTH Asanas help the body in that some muscles tighten and some muscles...

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