When my daughter was little and the time had come for her to go to school, she was panicked and did not want to.  “Why child, don’t you want to go to school? “  “How can I go??? I don’t even know how to read!!!”

This is a true story… It seemed very funny to me and I laughed my heart out!!! Children at that age, innocent as they are, give us a lot of such cute and funny moments… I explained to her that school is not for the children who know how to read… It is for all children to learn how to read… As you understand I convinced her and today she can read just fine… (her spelling isn’t that great, but let’s leave it there!)

The thing is, I still hear the same phrase even today!!! Only it is coming in different words and it is coming from adults… “I would like to try yoga, but I am not flexible enough…!


It is only expected not to be flexible, considering the modern lifestyle… A yoga teacher is never going to put a new student in the bridge pose. The lesson is tailored to the experience and physical condition of the students we have in the class. With regular practice the body gains more strength and flexibility. Asanas have stages. When we are ready, we proceed to the next level. Whether if someone will someday do the bridge pose or not, it depends on many factors.

There are poses that even I can’t do, although I have been practicing yoga for years. But that’s not the point! The point is, that I feel my physical condition to be so much better than ten years ago! And yes! I perform some poses, I never thought I would be able to do!!! And I am so happy and proud for that! But this did not happen over night…

Preserving or even increasing flexibility is necessary for our health! Flexibility is related to good blood circulation and good health of our limbs, and also to the well-being of the nervous system, our balance, etc.

Everybody should be engaged with some kind of physical activity regularly. Whether if someone is going to practice yoga or not, has nothing to do with his/her flexibility. What matters is whether one likes the idea of it, which means whether one is ready to get seriously involved, mind and body.

After all yoga is not just “exercise”

Yoga is inner search…