About Us

Yoga Yamas is a group of yoga instructors, dedicated to offer a total experience of yoga retreats in Greece.

We are motivated by the principles and spirit of yoga, as we perceive it and we want to spread it to the world. We chose to combine the two elements we respect and admire the most, yoga and our country, Greece, and use them as a tool to share our values with the rest of the world.

We worked hard and carefully, to make sure that retreats organized by Yoga Yamas will have some common characteristics. These are:

unique yoga experience for every participant, tailored to their level. We want the participants to broaden their knowledge and we work with each one personally.

spirit of respect, sharing, love, passion for what we do, which will be transfered to all participants through various activities.

discover and enjoy the beauty of Greece, as it can only be shown by the locals. In every retreat organized by Yoga Yamas, the participants will have the chance to visit the local sights, enjoy the sun and explore the nature of each place.

Yoga Yamas’s instructors have been working with yoga, energy therapies and meditation for many years. They are warm, open people. Their experience and knowledge guarantee the fine practice of classes, regardless of whether the participant is a beginner or an advanced yogi. Their passion for their work guarantee a warm team spirit during the retreats, and a great feeling for long time afterwards, that will make you want to book your next retreat with Yoga Yamas!