August 2018

7 days yoga retreat in Amorgos

Join Anelina Plati for a relaxing and therapeutic yoga retreat at Amorgos. The island where the film “The Big Blue” was shot. She'll introduce you to a new yoga technique named "Bowspring", suitable for all ages! ...
25 Aug - 31 Aug
ab 844 euros
September 2018

7 Days Yoga Retreat in Santorini, Greece

Words are not enough to describe the mysterious energy of this island. As soon as you arrive you'll feel a special aura welcoming your entire system. We invite you to join us for a 7-day lifetime experience. Discover your inner light, and allow it to overflow through the cycladic's bright energy ...
01 Sep - 07 Sep
ab 989

7-day Yoga Retreat in Milos

In this sacred island, we‘ll let our souls open for 7 days and allow them overflow with the bright cycladic light! ...
09 Sep - 15 Sep
Milos - Greece
ab 940 euros
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